Created by a young lady who is said to be an ‘old soul’. Over the years she has had to deal with a number of family problems that were not a cause of her actions. A number of dark haunted thoughts would cross her mind throughout the day, and there was no one that she could turn to, no one that she felt could or would understand what was going on in her head. As these thoughts continued to manifest and the family problems did not disappear, she became depressed.

Poetry became her therapy.

Her passion and drive to create this domain began when she shared her poetry with a close friend. Her poetry became her source of connecting one troubled soul to another. People began to relate and started talking.

Fragmented Memoirs …..

Is an online space where poetry is used as a healing tool. It’s where people who have experienced life changing moments share to help heal others. It’s a safe non-judgmental space where you can be who you are.

Fragmented Memoirs mission …..

Help others …..

If you wish to share your story whether it be through art, poetry, dance or you wish to be involved in interviews please contact us.

Advertise with Fragmented Memoirs …..

If you would like us to advertise your services and events that offer support please contact us.


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