Memoir 30

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 13.29.04

What was it about me?

What made this occur?

What would they do if I hadn’t been here?

What did they think would happen?

I just don’t understand, why me?

It started with dirty looks but quickly turned to pushes

Always laughing at me

Always making me do things that I completely hated doing

When the school spoke of bullying

They would always give me an intimidating stare

I remember one day, a group of boys were calling me the worst names,

Gay, girl, ugly, fat, faggot, bitch

And an urge came over me, I just couldn’t bare suffering in silence anymore,

I couldn’t take my family into consideration

They drove me to do something I dreamed about every night

But this particular night I never thought, so I jumped 3 floors and just like that it was over.


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